All about me...

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

I grew up always thinking that there was more to my life then I knew. I felt things more than other people did and always believed there was more out there. I have always been spiritual and believed there was more out there than meets the eye.



lessons learned...

I did not have an easy upbringing, my life lessons started very early for me and for that I am (now) very grateful as I realized that is what has made me who I am! In July 2016 I signed up for my Success In you Train the Trainer course with a wonderful accomplished woman and received my Life/Success Coaching in October 2017.


During that I year I learned a lot about myself and how I needed to take 100% responsibility for my life, and that I am the only that can control how my life turns out. I took a mediation course, which lead me on another amazing and exciting journey into “energy”, “spirit”.

I loved what I was learning and how I how I felt, freeing, relaxed, energized and just such an appreciation for life and all that it had to offer and the life lessons I was learning and to really embrace that. Not to think of it as “happening to me”, but “happening FOR me”. I fell in love with the whole spiritual enlightenment and all it was opening for me, I decided that I wanted to become a healer and help others to feel like I do, it Resonates so much with me and I know I have the gift.  It is what feeds my Soul. 

I took my Level 1&2 Reiki in September 2017 and completed my Level 3 and Reiki Master in November and haven’t looked back! During all this I continued to broaden my energy learning and started using essential oils more, I had always been into holistic and naturally healing. I started making Mala necklaces and branched into essential oil bracelets and jewelry as well as essential oil rollerballs.

I love helping others and inspiring them and it is what aligns me to my life purpose!


the moral of the story

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